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Начало CAD/CAM Циркониеви дискове Zr 98x14 Циркониев диск EVEREST ML AT+ 98 x 14 mm A1

Циркониев диск EVEREST ML AT+ 98 x 14 mm A1

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Multilayer block dedicated to anterior teeth

EVEREST Multilayer AT is a multi-layered Zirconia block for Anterior Teeth prosthesis, designed to express the rich hue and high transparency of the anterior teeth. It allows for quality fabrication of anterior prosthesis with optimized flexural strength (850~1,150 MPA) and 16 shades.

EVEREST Multilayer AT consists of four layers:

Cervical (35%)
C-Transition (15%)
E-Transition (25%)
Enamel (25%)
This is the optimal layer classification to reproduce the gradation of natural teeth.

EVEREST Multilayer AT, composed of the four-layer structure, has high level color matching based on the VITA Shade Guide.

It is also possible to fabricate the prosthesis without the coloring process. With the EVEREST Multilayer AT, you can make very natural-looking prostheses without coloring.

High translucency for aesthetic restorations
Excellent strength
High fracture toughness
With high density particle structure and unique manufacturing technology, customer can get stable results after milling.
Excellent marginal fitness due to uniform shrinkage rate
Average Grain size of EVEREST after sintering for 2 hrs at 1,500°C : 0.3μm
Sintered density of EVEREST after sintering for 2 hrs at 1,500°C : > 99.85% theoretical density
EVEREST has uniform shrinkage rate due to CIP (Cold Isostatic Press) System treatment.
High compaction and uniform density allow for predictable shrinkage during the subsequent sintering process.
Natural block shade
Affordable prices
Convenient CAD/CAM System Integration
We've registered our multi-layered EVEREST Zirconia in systems from various well-known companies eg. exocad, hyperDENT. This makes it easier and more convenient for our customers to use multi-layer zirconia blocks. We also plan to expand further and collaborate with more companies.
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